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Throughout this journey, I've gotten so many questions about the brand, fit, personal life, what inspires me, etc.  I love answering all kinds of questions and connecting with the people who ask them because it allows each of us to learn so many different things about each other.  Here are the top 25 questions that I've received (and answered) since starting Halia & Jade:


1. Where are you located?

As of right now, we're an online-based retailer though we do have items sold locally in Guam at Lotus Surf Shop in Tumon and Seas + Sidewalks at the Micronesia Mall.  We're working to get our pieces in more shops across the island of Guam, Saipan, and in Hawaii.


2. What does Halia & Jade mean?

Halia & Jade are the middle names of my daughters, Chloe Halia Marie and Aniyah Jade.


3. How did you start?

I began making swimwear as a hobby in 2015 for myself and my daughters.  After posting some of my creations on Instagram, I started getting messages from family and friends asking to purchase them.  I continued making things as a small side hustle for family and friends until I finally incorporated Halia & Jade in 2017.  I'm still learning SO MUCH but it has been such a great experience.


4. What size would I be?

Your size depends on the style of suit and your fit preference.  However, I do recommend ordering your normal size for one pieces and sizing down for two pieces.  Of course, if you think you might need some size customization or have other questions about fit, you can always reach out!


5. Do you guys do custom suits?

Yes!  All our styles have a custom color option where you can choose your own color combos.  We can also customize the fit of each style to adjust to your body type.  AND, if you have something in mind that is not one of our already listed styles, we are able to work with you to try to get you the suit of your dreams.


6. Will you be opening a store?

At the moment, I really don't have any plans for a physical storefront location.  I do have dreams of opening a mobile shop sometime in the future though.  We'll see.


7. What advice do you have for someone wanting to start sewing?

Omg, so much.  The best advice that I wish someone would have given me is START SMALL.  It's so easy to get ahead of yourself when learning a new creative skill like sewing because you want to make ALL the things.  When I first started (before blogs and YouTube), everything I made was absolute crap because I tried to do the most without first learning the basics.  Because of that, I got discouraged and quit sewing for years until I came across this blog which had clear step-by-step instructions and photo guides and an easy to follow "course" which allowed me to learn and progress with my skills the right way.  There are so many resources available now, so what are you waiting for?


8. Will you have new colors and styles soon?

I try to create a new collection of styles every year but colors and prints are cycled out every few months.


9. When will you be doing a men's line?

Menswear is a lot different than women's but I am slowly working on creating some simpler things for men in the future.


10. Do you really make everything yourself?

Absolutely!  With the exception of our Bikini Brat and Not Your Nen t-shirts and the Halom Tano towel, all our items are hand cut from bolts of fabric and sewn together on my little Brother sewing machine (which was bought at Kmart, actually) in my home.


I hope this answered some of the questions you might have had and maybe gave you some behind the seams insight on what goes on here at H&J.  I'm always available to talk business, sewing, inspiration and all things creative - so feel free to reach out!


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