Well ladies, we've done it.  We made it through 2017 and have a whole new year ahead of us.  I don't know about you, but 2017 definitely took me on a roller coaster ride of triumphs and failures and gave me the insight to learn and grow from the hardships I endured throughout.
The last few months of the year were especially stressful for me and it was easy to say at that time that 2017 was crap and how ready I was for the year to be over.  But, as I started to reflect on the year as a whole, my feelings changed.  Yes, there were failures and arguments and times where something got disconnected because I couldn't pay the bill on time.  But, there was also so much laughter, amazing experiences, and SO MUCH growth.
I'm a firm believer in karma and that things must always balance out in the end so the troubles I'm currently faced with are the universe's way of balancing things out for me and keeping me conscious and humble about the success I've had since starting Halia & Jade.  I can't be bitter about it, I just have to accept it as it is (though begrudgingly) and learn from it.  I'm sure that even Beyonce and Riri have their bad days too.  It is what it is.
For the past several years I used to pride myself on always being busy.  Busy working a full time job plus overtime.  Busy trying to keep a house clean (okay, not clean clean - but decent).  Busy trying to raise three kids.  Busy keeping my relationship fruitful. Busy attending PTO meetings.  Busy driving to and from kids practices and games.  Busy trying to budget our expenses.  Busy, busy, busy.  I realize now that keeping busy is not necessarily productive.  Being "busy" just means that you don't have time.  Instead of being "busy" this year, I choose to be focused.  Focused on my goals, focused on my growth, focused on things that matter and things that I need to make time for.
As I look toward this new year I see so much opportunity for even more growth and learning experiences.  I have so many goals and plans for myself personally as well as for Halia & Jade and I cannot wait to see how this year pans out.  I'm 100% positive that things will not go exactly as planned (they never do) but that's what makes things so exciting.
So, to all you badass females out there who have some goals to smash and growth to go through this year:  don't stop, get it, get it.

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